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Bronx, New York Internist

Dr. Hector Rodriguez Navarro, MD

Doctor en Español

Dr. Hector Rodriguez is an Internist, Internet and General Doctor in New York City, in private practice for 37 years. He graduated from the School of Medicine at the State University of New York, at Stony Brook. In 1980, he obtained his degree of Doctor of Medicine and specialized in Internal Medicine. He completed his medicine internship at Lincoln Hospital, in the Bronx, and then  finished his specialization with an Internal Medicine residency at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, in 1983.


Services at Medicos Hispanos

These 37 years of continued service provided us with the solid background, and a vast expertise in the treatment of primary care conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Asthma, Anxiety Disorders, Hypercholesterolemia, Cancer Screening, Obesity and Infectious Conditions. Medicos Hispanos offers complete evaluations, including physical exams, EKG, spirometry, complete blood and urine examination, as well as referrals to a complete network of subspecialists in the tri-state area.

The coronavirus Pandemic has presented Dr. Rodriguez Navarro with a new professional challenge to treat patients with Covid 19 symptoms.

During the Covid-19  Pandemic, Medicos Hispanos has successfully treated a number of patients with a combination of antibiotics-injected and orally- which kept, every single patient treated, out of the hospital and away from the emergency room. The confirmed success of all these patients, with mild and moderate coronavirus symptoms, has given Medicos Hispanos its rightful place as a Top Primary Care clinic in New York City.

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